December 2014 Archive

Way Back Wednesday-  31 Dec 2014  "Barack McLovin"

Pennsylvania Road Trip for the Win-  30 Dec 2014

Major Problems Ignoring the Minors-  30 Dec 2014

Toon In Tuesdays 12-30-14-  30 Dec 2014  "God Bless You"

Motivational Monday 12-29-14-  29 Dec 2014  "Confidence"

Shopping Cart Safari Sunday 12-28-14-  28 Dec 2014

Celebrity Saturday 12-27-14-  27 Dec 2014

Damned if You Do, Shot if You Don't 12-26-14-  26 Dec 2014

"The Unbearable Solitude of Being an African Fan Girl"-  26 Dec 2014  (Reblog from omenana's blog)

"Leigh Anne Tuohy Racism and the White Saviour Complex"-  26 Dec 2014  (Reblog from the Belle Jar Blog)

"How to Be a Ladyperson At the Holidays: 10 Steps"-  26 Dec 2014  (Reblog from I Miss You When I Blink Blog)

"What's Unique About the Black Stormtrooper"-  26 Dec 2014  (Reblog from Friendly Neighborhood Filmmaking Blog)

Funny Friday 12-26-14-  26 Dec 2014

The Blue and the Red-  25 Dec 2014   (A new Civil War brewing?)

New Video Encourages Kids to Commit Felonies to Stop Crime-  25 Dec 2014

Two New Blogs to Check Out-  25 Dec 2014

Toss Up Thursdays-  25 Dec 2014

Way Back Wednesdays-  24 Dec 2014

Toon In Tuesdays-  23 Dec 2014

New Yorkers Sign Petition to Oust Mayor Deblasio Over Anti-Police Remarks-  23 Dec 2014

Toon in Tuesday 12-16-14-  16 Dec 2014  "Life Lessons"

Channeling the Past-  16 Dec 2014  (Why aren't our historical dramas more diverse? Why Vikings but not Mongols or Aztecs?)

United States Sending M-1 Tanks to ISIS-  22 Dec 2014  (Oops...sorry I mean... giving them to Iraq... who will hand them to ISIS)

HELLO FEET!-  22 Dec 2014  (True story from the Nursing Home)

The Hobbit: Battle of the 5 Armies-  22 Dec 2014  (Movie Review)

Motivational Mondays 12-22-14-  22 Dec 2014

Shopping Cart Safari Sunday 12-21-14-  21 Dec 2014

Celebrity Saturday 12-20-14-  20 Dec 2014 "Mr Shiny Pants"

Funny Friday 12-19-14-  19 Dec 2014

Overheard at Work 12-18-14-  18 Dec 2014

More Troops, More Money, More Time for Iraq -  18 Dec 2014  (Sound familiar?)

SONY Hacking Attack a Public Rorschach Test -  18 Dec 2014

Nation Heaves a Sigh of Relief It Doesn't Have A Choice in 2016 -  18 Dec 2014

Stupid Costs Serious Money in Suffolk County -  18 Dec 2014

Toss Up Thursday 12-18-14 -  18 Dec 2014  (Cancer for Christmas)

Overheard at Work 12-17-14 -  17 Dec 2014  (OCD Christmas Cookies)

Quote of the Day 12-17-14 -  17 Dec 2014

Work Christmas Party -  17 Dec 2014

Way Back Wednesdays 12-17-14 -  17 Dec 2014   ("McCain Smash!")

Toon in Tuesdays 12-16-14-  16 Dec 2014   (Life Lessons)

Channeling the Past-  16 Dec 2014

TRO LO LO Guy on Youtube-  16 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-16-14-  16 Dec 2014

Wallington Fireworks Show 2014-  16 Dec 2014

Quote of the Day 12-16-14-  16 Dec 2014 (Reblog from Twitchy blog)

Lindsay Lohan's New Game "Totally Different" From Kim Kardashian's-  16 Dec 2014 (Reblog from Twitchy blog)

Drew Carey Slams CNN Over Angelina Jolie News Exaggeration -  16 Dec 2014 (Reblog from Twitchy blog)

95% of PBS Viewers are AGAINST Gun Control -  16 Dec 2014 (According to new PBS poll)

Quote of the Day 12-15-14-  15 Dec 2014

Motivational Mondays-  15 Dec 2014

Putting the Home Back in the Movies-  14 Dec 2014  (Review of the "Cardboard Box Office" Blog)

Sunday Shopping Cart Safari 12-14-14-  14 Dec 2014

Thought of the Day 12-13-14-  13 Dec 2014

Believe it or Not, These are REAL PATENTS-  13 Dec 2014 (Reblogged from "TheChive")

Holiday Fireworks Show at Wallington-  13 Dec 2014

Saturday Snicker-  13 Dec 2014  "Swell Pants"

S.H.I.E.L.D Your Eyes-  12 Dec 2014  (This Rant Ain't Pretty)

Fashion Fail Friday-  12 Dec 2014

Farm Room-  11 Dec 2014

Down to Six-  11 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-11-14-  11 Dec 2014

Toss Up Thursday 12-11-14-  11 Dec 2014  "Chick Magnet"

Lame Duck Congress Bites-  10 Dec 2014

Christopher Lee Releases Heavy Metal Christmas Album-  10 Dec 2014

US Military Researching Flying Aircraft Carriers?-  10 Dec 2014

Mad Max Returns to the Big Screen in 2015-  10 Dec 2014

Way Back Wednesday 12-10-14-  10 Dec 2014

Toon In Tuesday 12-9-14-  9 Dec 2014

Ace Transportation Company..-  9 Dec 2014

These Are the People in My Neighbourhood...-  9 Dec 2014   (Angry Cat Lady)

Modern Archaeology-  9 Dec 2014

A Little Thank You Note-  9 Dec 2014    (WOW! 3,000 READERS!)

Motivational Monday 12-8-14-  8 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-7-14-  7 Dec 2014

Sunday Shopping Cart Safari-  7 Dec 2014

The Four B's-  6 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-6-14-  6 Dec 2014

Spring Into Saturday 12-6-14-  6 Dec 2014

Fashion Friday 12-5-14-  5 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-4-14-  4 Dec 2014

Toss Up Thursday 12-4-14-  4 Dec 2014

Way Back Wednesday 12-3-14-  3 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-3-14-  3 Dec 2014

Quote of the Day 12-3-14-  3 Dec 2014

Private Thoughts on a Public Nuisance-  3 Dec 2014

Special Delivery At The Supreme Court-  3 Dec 2014

Corny Joke of the Day 12-3-14-  3 Dec 2014

GOP Staffer Forced to Resign Over "Rude" Comments-  2 Dec 2014

50,000 Iraqi "Ghost Soldiers" Found on Books  2 Dec 2014

Ray Rices Wife Says God Chose Her to be Beaten in Elevator By Angry Husband-  2 Dec 2014

Girl Scout Cookies Now Available Online!- 2 Dec 2014

Angelina Jolie is Fine After Tragic Car Crash- 2 Dec 2014

Toon In Tuesday 12-2-14- 2 Dec 2014

Social Security Broke by 2024- 2 Dec 2014

Motivational Monday 12-1-14-  1 Dec 2014

British Commandos on "Mad Max" Vehicles Take Out Terrorists- 1 Dec 2014   (Terrorizing the Terrorists... and back in time for tea!)

Violent "Ferguson" Riots Turn Peaceful After Armed Citizens Show Up- 1 Dec 2014   (Seems the 2nd Amendment can be used to protect the rest of them)

If It Ain't Broke.... Change it till It's Broke- 1 Dec 2014   (How we got into the Ferguson mess...and how to put the "community" back in policing)

November 2014 Archive

The Emergency Room and American Priorities- 30 Nov 2014   (reblog from

The Blame Game Hurts Everyone- 30 Nov 2014   (When the Feminists' "Blame the Victim" campaign backfires)

Shopping Cart Safari 11-30-14-    30 Nov 2014

Modi Drops From Lead in TIME Magazine "Person of the Year" Poll  29 Nov 2014

Pie and Ice Cream- 29 Nov 2014

Austin Shooter Background Short on Details, Long on Speculation- 29 Nov 2014

Best Super Power? - 29 Nov 2014  (Reposted video discussion from "After Hours" on

Celebrity Saturday 11-29-14- 29 Nov 2014

Black Friday Protest- 28 Nov 2014

Fake Cigarettes, Real Cancer?- 28 Nov 2014  (New study links e-cigarettes to TEN TIMES the carcinogens as "real" cigarettes)

Funny Friday 11-28-14 - 28 Nov 2014

Toss Up Thursday- 27 Nov 2014

Giving Thanks- 26 Nov 2014

A Sign From the Lord- 26 Nov 2014

Something to Crow About- 26 Nov 2014

Way Back Wednesday 11-26-14- 26 Nov 2014

Rebuild Trust First- 25 Nov 2014

The Brass Band- 25 Nov 2014

Toon In Tuesday 11-25-14- 25 Nov 2014

China: The "Cesspool" of Planet's Pollution- 25 Nov 2014  (Repost from "Inform the Pundits" blog)

Fact or Fiction?- 24 Nov 2014

Yogurt State of Mind- 24 Nov 2014

Motivational Monday 11-24-14- 24 Nov 2014

Is Ebola Slowing Down?- 23 Nov 2014  (Repost from "Virology Down Under" Blog)

Soda Pop Cola?- 23 Nov 2014  (A poll)

Leggo My Lego- 23 Nov 2014

Capital Punishment: The Double Edged Sword - 23 Nov 2014

Shopping Cart Safari 11-23-14 - 23 Nov 2014

Realistic Barbie? Or Unrealistic Expectations? - 22 Nov 2014

Celebrity Saturday 11-22-14 - 22 Nov 2014

Funny Friday 11-21-14 - 21 Nov 2014

Lies, Damn Lies and Illegals  - 20 Nov 2014

Redneck Snow Plow  - 20 Nov 2014   (Redneck Genius!)

Two More Feet of Snow For Buffalo!    - 20 Nov 2014   (Additional Guard units on alert for possible flooding)

Overheard At Work 11-20-14    - 20 Nov 2014   (Tenderloin)

The Snow Must Go On- 20 Nov 2014   (Up to 6 feet of Snow for Buffalo!)

Toss Up Thursday 11-20-14- 20 Nov 2014

ISIS, Ebola and Other Impending Doom...Eventually....Maybe- 20 Nov 2014

Quote of the Day 11-19-14- 19 Nov 2014  (By a Kurt Russell look-alike)

Way Back Wednesday 11-19-14-   19 Nov 2014

Taylor Made Publicity- 19 Nov 2014  (What's the deal with Taylor Swift lately?)

US-China Climate Agreement Doesn't Exist- 18 Nov 2014  (Reblog from "Inform the Pundits" Blog)

Old Ideas Reforged Anew- 18 Nov 2014  (Lessons Learned in the US Steel Industry)

Toon In Tuesday 11-18-14- 18 Nov 2014  (Native American Roulette)

Who Isn't Paying Their Fair Share?- 18 Nov 2014

Shall, May, May Not - 17 Nov 2014   (Why the California Pro-2nd Amendment Ruling is Important!)

If At First You Don't Succeed... Lie Lie Lie - 17 Nov 2014

National Guard Activated in Missouri - 17 Nov 2014

Motivational Monday 11-16-14-17 Nov 2014  (We don't speak French around here anyway)

Shopping Cart Safari 11-16-14-16 Nov 2014

Forty! Forty Days Till Christmas! Ah! Ah! -15 Nov 2014

Celebrity Saturday -15 Nov 2014  (Janelle Monae)

Country Folk Don't Need Savin' -14 Nov 2014  (Why are all the Super Heroes in the Big Cities?)

Funny Friday -14 Nov 2014  (You have this kind of person at work too...)

Viva Le Revolution! -13 Nov 2014  (Update on the Third in the latest "Out Break Boston" post-apocalyptic zombie book series by author Rob VanDusen)

Toss Up Thursday -13 Nov 2014  (Transformers!)

Way Back Wednesday -12 Nov 2014  (Aw c'mon you remember Hogan's Heroes!)

Happy Veterans Day -11 Nov 2014

Toon In Tuesdays 11-11-14 -11 Nov 2014  (Happy Hunting!)

Thought of the Day 11-10-14 -10 Nov 2014

Cuomosaurus Rex-10 Nov 2014  (Yes, the New York Republicans DID give the election to Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo)

Redistribution of Bandwidth-10 Nov 2014 (Why "Net Neutrality" is still immoral and evil)

Motivational Monday 11-10-14 -10 Nov 2014

Why Socialism Collapsed -9 Nov 2014

Shopping Cart Safari 11-9-14 -9 Nov 2014

Artist Changes Movie Titles by Removing One Letter -8 Nov 2014  (reposted from Twisted Surfer)

Mitch and Janie -8 Nov 2014  (The On-Screen Chemistry of Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell)

Mary Landrieu's Nasty Tweet Backfires...Badly -8 Nov 2014  (Folks on Social Media run with it and make her a laughing stock)

"I Hear Silent People" says President -8 Nov 2014

Obama To Increase Troops in Iraq to 3,100 -8 Nov 2014  (Hello? Saigon Calling...)

Celebrity Saturday -8 Nov 2014  (Rihanna)

Funny Friday -7 Nov 2014

Toss Up Thursday -6 Nov 2014

Cartoon Servitude -5 Nov 2014

Way Back Wednesday -5 Nov 2014

Kingdom of the Little People -4 Nov 2014

The Midget Supremacist Movement  -4 Nov 2014

Black People Are Most Racist Group in America According to Poll    -4 Nov 2014   (And according to lots of black folk apparently)

Are Long Lines at Polling Booths Racist?    -4 Nov 2014

Pop Star Hears Rustling In Her Ears    -4 Nov 2014  (GUESS WHAT IT WAS?!?)

Toon In Tuesdays 11-4-14    -4 Nov 2014

Germany to UK: "You'll Keep Your Border Open or You're Out of the EU!" -3 Nov 2014

Fast and Furious Just got Worse -3 Nov 2014 (Attorney General Eric Holder was Dealing a Whole Lot More than Guns!)

Don't Be Brave (please!)     -3 Nov 2014 (The dangers of being a "real author")

China Builds Anti-Drone Laser Technology  -3 Nov 2014

Motivational Mondays 11-3-14     -3 Nov 2014

Shopping Cart Safari 11-2-14     -2 Nov 2014

10 Hours Walking in Skyrim as a Hot Woman in Skimpy Armor-1 Nov 2014 (Video game parody of the viral "Hollaback" video of the girl walking in NYC)

Celebrity Saturday-1 Nov 2014 (Cee Lo Green)

Porn Star Tries to Harrass Men With Catcalls -1 Nov 2014 (It works about as well as you would guess)

Quantitative Dreaming -1 Nov 2014  (Could this be the beginning of the end for QE 3?)

October 2014 Archive

Grampa's Dirty Joke -31 Oct 2014

A Bad Week in Space Exploration -31 Oct 2014

Christian Protesters Assaulted by Angry Muslims in Michigan  -31 Oct 2014 (Why didn't this make the news?)

It's All About the Base  -31 Oct 2014 (The Mary Landrieu Remix of the Meaghan Traynor Song)

I'm 95% Confident the CDC 21-Day Quarantine Might Work  -31 Oct 2014

Happy Halloween!  -31 Oct 2014 (Cute kid dressed as a Minion)

Friday Funny  -31 Oct 2014  (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden)

If I Were a Lion 10-30-14  -30 Oct 2014

Life on the Streets -30 Oct 2014  (What you've been missing about that viral video of a woman being "harrassed" on New York City streets)

The Hidden Subplot in Star Wars  -30 Oct 2014  (From "Star Wars: After Hours")

Ash Thursday  -30 Oct 2014

Bill Clinton and the Case Against Airborne Ebola  -29 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-29-14 -29 Oct 2014

Go Gay or Go Away?  -29 Oct 2014  (The Plan for Southern States to Secede and form the "United States of Reagan")

The New Black  -28 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-28-14  -28 Oct 2014

Falling Oil Prices Sink OPEC Economies  -28 Oct 2014

Pearson's Wrong Answer -28 Oct 2014 (Common Core is Commonly Wrong)

Roger Williams and the "Refused to Learn the Local Language" Meme in Colonial History  -28 Oct 2014

How Many Elections Will Democrats Steal Next Week?  -28 Oct 2014  (Up to 14% of Illegal non-voters Will Likely Vote Ilegally in this election)

When the Shiite Hits the Fan  -27 Oct 2014

Women Are Crazy  -27 Oct 2014   ("How to Lose Female Readers" by "Harsh Reality" Blog)

Forest Service Asks People to Stop Taking Selifes With Bears -27 Oct 2014   (Not a joke)

If I Were a Lion 10-27-14  -27 Oct 2014

Leading By Example  -27 Oct 2014

What They Shoot for Target Practice Around the World  -26 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-26-14   -26 Oct 2014

Sailing the High Tech Seas  -25 Oct 2014   (Now this new naval technology is COOL!)

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush  -25 Oct 2014   (The US Navy is Again Reinventing the Wheel...or Ship Anyway)

Inviting Guests to Easter Dinner   -25 Oct 2014   (Easter Island's Not-So-Isolated History Revealed!)

If I Were a Lion 10-25-14  -25 Oct 2014

Votes from Non-Citizens (Illegal and Not) Could Decide the Election   -25 Oct 2014   (studies show those who aren't allowed to vote... have been...a lot)

Argentina OKs Russian Bases to Spy on Americans  -25 Oct 2014

Britain Charged 2 Billion Dollars to Subsidize EU Members Who Aren't As Successful  -25 Oct 2014

Crash and Burn   -25 Oct 2014

"Lord of the Rings" Themed Airline Safety Video by Air New Zealand is "Epic"  -25 Oct 2014

"Master of Tides" (New Lindsey Stirling Video)   -25 Oct 2014   (Classical Music, Dubstep, Pirates, Monsters, Mermaids, Dancing, Hot Chicks...)

"Heroes Aren't Heroic" Says Study   -24 Oct 2014

Sunspot Baby   -24 Oct 2014

Thou Shalt Not Something Something Something   -24 Oct 2014   (Vandalism of Disputed Ten Commandments Monument in Oklahoma)

Boo Hoo Time for Honey Boo Boo   -24 Oct 2014

Coffee? Tea? Anthrax?  -24 Oct 2014    (Suspicious Powder Found at Western Embassies in Turkey)

"Age of Ultron" Movie Trailer   -24 Oct 2014  (Sneak Peek at Upcoming Marvel "Avengers" Movie Due Out in May!)

Russia and China Plan to Build High Numbers of New Stealth Fighter-24 Oct 2014   (Meanwhile we fall further behind the curve)

Cleveland Browns Player Andrew Hawkins Kicks Son Out of His House! -24 Oct 2014  (For saying another player is better!) (Comedy)

What Ebola is Doing to West African Economies-24 Oct 2014   (All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself!)

More Than Meets the Eye    -24 Oct 2014  (Japanese Hobbyists Build a REAL TRANSFORMER ROBOT!)

If I Were a Lion 10-24-14    -24 Oct 2014

Judge Rejects IRS Corruption Case (Because they "Probably Won't Do It Again")-24 Oct 2014

Rainbow-24 Oct 2014

NYS Governors Debate in Buffalo-23 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-23-14 -23 Oct 2014

October Pictures-23 Oct 2014

Bad Things Come in Threes-23 Oct 2014

There is No Voter Fraud-23 Oct 2014 (Now... "Calibration Errors" on the voting machines themselves... those we got!)

If I Were a Lion 10-22-14 -22 Oct 2014

The Star Spangled Banner Played With a BB Gun-21 Oct 2014

All Aboard the USS iCloud China Clipper-21 Oct 2014 (All Aboard! Riding the Wave of the Future! Just pray there's no more icebergs)

Canadian Soldiers Killed by Islamist Terrorist in Montreal-21 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-21-14 -21 Oct 2014

Can't Wait for the Big Debate-21 Oct 2014

Where Does Freedom Come From?-21 Oct 2014

New Lindsey Stirling Video is.... -21 Oct 2014  (Watch it and see for yourself!)

If I Were a Lion 10-21-14 -21 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-20-14 -20 Oct 2014

Private Insurance Rates Skyrocket Under Obamacare -19 Oct 2014  (Federal Plan Rates Not Available Until After Election Day)

F=Failure -19 Oct 2014  (A Polio Survivor Talks About The Dangers of Not Fighting Ebola Effectively... a Return to the "Bad Old Days"

Positively Negative -19 Oct 2014  (CDC Claims Illegal Aliens are Not Bringing Enterovirus Epidemic into the USA...Despite Evidence to Contrary)

If I Were a Lion 10-19-14 -19 Oct 2014

70% of Catholics Support Gays, Defying Common Stereotype-19 Oct 2014

The Ebola Foreign Exchange Program -19 Oct 2014  (Trading Africans for Americans)

DC Comics Movie Lineup Scores a B Minus -19 Oct 2014 (They're gonna be too bad for real movies, but too "professional" to be a good B movie)

Rocky the Rockoon and Other Crazy Creative Space Ideas -18 Oct 2014

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat -18 Oct 2014  (The Comet Nearly Hitting Mars and Lots of Cute Science-y Kittens)

If I Were a Lion 10-18-14 -18 Oct 2014

Unemployment Rate "Surprisingly" Dips Just Before Election! -17 Oct 2014 (Economic "Experts" are surprised for 37th month in a row!)

Hundreds of Armed Chinese Police Face Down 30 Unarmed Protesters -17 Oct 2014 (And miraculously they survived!)

If I Were a Lion 10-17-14 -17 Oct 2014

Paging Doctors Curly, Moe and Lurie- 17 Oct 2014

Pistol Packing Politician Punishes Potential Perpetrators- 16 Oct 2014 (Assemblyman and Buddy Get in Shootout With Muggers)

What, Me Worry?- 16 Oct 2014 (The Army Reserves Call Up and What Does Obama's Latest Executive Order Mean?)

Open Container- 16 Oct 2014

All in the Family- 16 Oct 2014

Red Light District- 16 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-16-14- 16 Oct 2014

Rob Lowe Compares CDC Chief to Wizard of Oz- 15 Oct 2014 (Repost from Twitchy Blog)

NPR Reporter Tweets Hilarious Typo- 15 Oct 2014 (Repost from Twitchy Blog)

If I Were a Lion 10-15-14- 15 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-15-14- 15 Oct 2014

School Mission #3 September 2005 Tikrit Iraq- 15 Oct 2014

Another Place, Another Time, Another Job- 15 Oct 2014

Disney Villains Who Were Right All Along -14 Oct 2014 (from "Cracked" on youtube)

Youtube Complaints Department 2014 -14 Oct 2014 (I'm convinced this is exactly how the "Internet" works!) (from "Barely Political" on youtube)

Republicans May Offer "Manhattan Plan" to Replace "Obamacare" -14 Oct 2014 (But I have a better idea!)

Italian Nurse Suspected in 38 Deaths of "Annoying" Elderly Patients -14 Oct 2014

Frenemy In Our Midst -14 Oct 2014 (Why Turkey Will Bomb the Kurds, but NOT ISIS)

If I Were a Lion 10-14-14 -14 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-14-14 -14 Oct 2014

The Problem for the Agitators in Ferguson is One of Authenticity -13 Oct 2014 (Repost from The Last Refuge Blog)

Brilliant Marketing, Idiot Savant, or Just an Idiot? -13 Oct 2014 (Lena Dunham Calls Mentally Unstable Amanda Bynes a "Genius" for her Insane Tweets)

Countering the White House Counter Culture -13 Oct 2014

Kristen Stewart Bashes the Military Again -13 Oct 2014 (Calls them "Stupid...Simple...Socially Inadequate... and Evil"

If I Were a Lion 10-13-14 -13 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-13-14 -13 Oct 2014

92% of Mass Shootings since 2009 in "Gun Free" Zones -13 Oct 2014 (From

Navaho Nation President Enjoys Washington Reskins Game-12 Oct 2014 (Yeah that just happened)

Just Say No In November.-12 Oct 2014

About That Battleground State Texas...-12 Oct 2014  (Repost from the "Redvoter" Blog)

Is the "R" Word Ignored in Education Reform?-12 Oct 2014 (Review of Repost of article by "The Becoming Radical" Blog)

Is it Too Late to Stop an Ebola Outbreak in the USA? -12 Oct 2014

Voter ID Laws- The Real Deal-12 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-12-14 -12 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-12-14 -12 Oct 2014

China Surpasses the US in GDP -11 Oct 2014 (not this one is NOT a joke)- Repost from Financial Times via "Voices From Russia"

We Need to Arm the Syrian Rebel  -11 Oct 2014 (Political Satire from

Thousands of Spiders Found in Family Home -11 Oct 2014

Google 1, Bloggers 0 -11 Oct 2014

Its Not The Size That Matters -11 Oct 2014

Debate on Global Cooling Heats Up -11 Oct 2014

Pennies on the Dollar -11 Oct 2014 (Afghan Air Force scraps $500 million in aircraft we gave them)

Negroes With Guns -11 Oct 2014 (A Book Review)

If I Were a Lion 10-11-14 -11 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-11-14 -11 Oct 2014

Wendy Davis Wheelchair Ad -10 Oct 2014 (Is it Tasteless? Or does it just Taste like Desperation?)

Parents Grimace at New Transgender School Lessons -10 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-10-14 -10 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-10-14 -10 Oct 2014

Texas Version of "SAFE Act" Upheld  -10 Oct 2014 (Conservatives can play the "public safety" game too)

If I Had a Million Dollars -10 Oct 2014 (The McDonalds Bait and Switch)

Reverend Jackson Sets Sights on the Benjamins in Dallas -9 Oct 2014

The Kobani Code -9 Oct 2014

Nail Gun Muzzleloader -9 Oct 2014  (Kids do NOT try this at home! Okay... NOBODY try this at home!)

Chicagostan- The Ideal Military Training Experience! -9 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-9-14 -9 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-9-14 -9 Oct 2014

Why is the United States Shouldering the World's Burden on Ebola Operation? -8 Oct 2014  (Repost from Quartz Blog)

"Connect. Control. Monitor." (Worst Product Slogan Ever?) -8 Oct 2014  (Repost from Gigaom Blog)

What's the Matter? Chicken? -8 Oct 2014  (Lesbian Hippie Protester Cries About Poor "Murdered" Chicken in Fast Food Restaurant)

7 Underrated Military Blogs That Can't Get No Respect -8 Oct 2014  (Repost from "Carrying the Gun" blog)

Oprah Upset by Actress Choosing American Over African American Identity -8 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-8-14 -8 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-8-14 -8 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-7-14 -7 Oct 2014

Toondoo Cartoon 10-7-14 -7 Oct 2014

If I Were a Lion 10-7-14 -7 Oct 2014

We'll Keep the Lights on For Ya -7 Oct 2014   (An Ethics Question)

Sexual Socialism and the Brave New World -6 Oct 2014

First Priority -6 Oct 2014 (How to Feel Less Stressed)

SMART Goals for our Syrian Policy -6 Oct 2014

Remember When Super Man Was an American? -6 Oct 2014 (Saturday Night Live Skit)

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-6-14 -6 Oct 2014

Toondoo Cartoon 10-6-14 -6 Oct 2014

President Obama on 60 Minutes Discussing ISIS -5 Oct 2014 (Saturday Night Live Skit)

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-5-14 -5 Oct 2014

Toondoo Cartoon 10-5-14 -5 Oct 2014

Is the North Korean Leader Sleeping With the Dolphins? -4 Oct 2014

West Africans from Ebola areas Caught on Southern US Border -4 Oct 2014

The Best Worst Movies Ever -4 Oct 2014

Catalonia Pushes Forward With Independence Referendum Vote -4 Oct 2014 (Maybe they'll do better than the Scots did)

What Is a Libertarian? -4 Oct 2014 (Misconceptions, the Founding Fathers, and why they are Strong on Defense)

Toondoo Cartoon 10-4-14 -4 Oct 2014

Ten Dollars and a Dream -4 Oct 2014 (How Weak Borders Weaken Our Country)

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-4-14 -4 Oct 2014

Trouble in Paradise -2 Oct 2014 (Would you really want to live in Utopia? And are flying cars REALLY a good idea?)

Toondoo Cartoon 10-3-14 -3 Oct 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-3-14 -3 Oct 2014

Toondoo Cartoon 10-2-14 -2 Oct 2014

Hollywood Working on a "Tetris" movie -2 Oct 2014 (Reposted from et_geekera)

"Isolation Makes Ebola Worse" says CDC Director -2 Oct 2014 (Reposted from Twitchy)

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-2-14 -2 Oct 2014

"Outbreak:After the Dead Rise" -2 Oct 2014 (Teaser for the lastest Book of the Outbreak zombie apocalypse series)

Truly Accurate Political Bumper Stickers -1 Oct 2014

Feds Try to Ban Home Team -1 Oct 2014 (The FCC tries to ban "Redskins" football team name)

Toondoo Cartoon 10-1-14 -1 Oct 2014

Gods of the Copybook Headings -1 Oct 2014 (A Poen by Rudyard Kipling)

Fall in Wayne County- Lyons -1 Oct 2014

Fall in Wayne County- Sodus -1 Oct 2014

Fall in Wayne County- Sodus Point -1 Oct 2014

Secret Service Lacking Direction -1 Oct 2014 (Another one bites the dust...)

What Does a Beheading Really Look Like? -1 Oct 2014 (WARNING:VERY GRAPHIC!!!)

The Chemistry of Fall -1 Oct 2014 (SCIENCE!)

When is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime? -1 Oct 2014

Ditch the EPA  -1 Oct 2014

The Myth of the Robber Barons  -1 Oct 2014 (Book Review)

Classical Charlie Sheen 10-1-14  -1 Oct 2014

Non-Stop Flights to Lovely Liberia  -1 Oct 2014

Is America Still Great?  -1 Oct 2014


September 2014 Archive

Toondoo Cartoon 9-30-14  -30 Sep 2014

Can a Man Write a Good Female Character?  -30 Sep 2014 (Repost from "Dave's Corner of the Universe")

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-30-14  -30 Sep 2014

Toondoo Cartoon 9-29-14  -29 Sep 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-29-14  -29 Sep 2014

8+5=10  -29 Sep 2014 (A Common Core Problem)

The Giant Monkey in the Room  -29 Sep 2014 (Behind the Hong Kong Protests)

Toondoo Cartoon 9-28-14  -28 Sep 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-28-14  -28 Sep 2014

Breaking the Chains  -27 Sep 2014 (How a 100 year old broken promise affects us today)

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-27-14  -27 Sep 2014

Cell Phone PSA 9-27-14  -27 Sep 2014

FBI Still Investigating Islamist Connection to Oklahoma Beheading -27 Sep 2014 (His Facebook page is pretty clear on his motivations though)

Assaults on Soldiers on the Rise 9-27-14 -27 Sep 2014

Thought of the Day 9-27-14 -27 Sep 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-26-14 -26 Sep 2014

Cell Phone PSA 9-26-14 -26 Sep 2014

Feminism Redundant - 25 Sep 2014

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-25-14 -25 Sep 2014

Cell Phone PSA 9-25-14 -25 Sep 2014

Keeping Myself Occupied 2011 -24 Sep 2014 (A trip down memory lane way back to the year 2011)

Classical Charlie Sheen 9-24-14 -24 Sep 2014

What Are You, Turkey? -24 Sep 2014 (We Need Another Badass Like Kemal Ataturk)

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The Readneck Review

More Human Than Human?

Jul 17, 2014

U.N. Reveals 20 Rockets Were Secretly Stored in One of Its Gaza Schools
Jul. 17, 2014 1:40pm Sharona Schwartz

Big surprise. The Hamas terrorists are hiding weapons in schools. That's not exactly new as they've been doing it for decades. What's new is that somehow reporters are acting like they never suspected that before.

It happens all the time. Hamas gets away with it because they have support in the local population. People apparently love Hamas more than they do their own children.

We won't have peace in the Middle East until the people demand it. The terrorists stored mortar rounds and ammo in a local school when we were in Iraq until the school superintendent angrily told us they were there. I'm not sure if he was pissed there were weapons in a school or that they just hadn't asked his permission first. Either way, the bad guys will keep getting away with these war crimes until the people get fed up and make them stop.

Yes, by definition putting kids in harms way by storing weapons in schools and mosques IS a war crime. Say what you want about the Israelis, they aren't intentionally targeting civilians. They are using precision weapons to try to hit rocket launchers without hitting people.

Civilians are ALL that Hamas is targeting. They aren't even TRYING to hit anything else. They are lobbing essentially unaimed rockets into densely packed cities hoping to kill a civilian.

Politically you can debate who "belongs" there and who has a "right" to the land, etc. What you can't really debate here is the moral equivalency of the actions by either side. Actions are what matter.

A moral victory cannot be had by immoral means. It's frankly racist to not hold both sides to the same humane standards. If you fail to condemn the Palestinians for actions the Israelis can't get away with then you're saying they're not as HUMAN as the Israelis are.

Is that really the message we want to send? The Israelis are constantly called to account for their actions. The Palestinians need to be held responsible for the actions of Hamas. If you let a crime happen, you are complicit in that crime.

By the way, under the international laws of war it is perfectly legal to target a "structure" that is "engaged in military usage." That means the moment you store weapons in a school, church or house it ceases to be a civilian building. It is officially a "military target."

So, Israel is NOT committing a war crime if they blow up that school to get to those rockets. That's the law. It makes sense because the whole purpose of the law is to STOP PEOPLE FROM STORING WEAPONS IN SCHOOLS.

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220 in a 110

Jul 17, 2014

I’m a voracious reader. I even know what voracious means. And spell it!

I have been reading everything I can get my hands on since I can remember. I used to fight my grandfather for the newspaper at the age of 4. It wasn’t much of a “fight” per se. He had a good 200 lbs on me so I grabbed while he was at work.

He honestly never had a problem with it except that “the sections got all mixed up.” So, we compromised and I learned to fold the newspaper the way he liked it before he got home from the night shift at the Malt House. You would be surprised how unwieldy a full sized newspaper is when you’re 4.To this day I can fold a newspaper (or a map) like an origami ninja.

One of the side effects of reading so much is a huge vocabulary. I’m not bragging about it. To be honest it’s more often a curse than a blessing. Ironically it makes it harder to talk to people.

Have you ever had to use different words because you know the person you’re talking to doesn’t know the right one? It’s the literary equivalent of “rounding off” a number. It’s not only inaccurate. Sometimes it’s dangerous.

Take for example a generator mechanic in my platoon a few months ago who kept calling every fuel “gas.” Gasoline, Diesel, Propane… all “gas.” Bad idea. That’s how things get broken or go boom. Or both.

It took a surprisingly long time to break him of this habit considering his occupation. It’s happened before of course. A sergeant I had in Kuwait famously wrecked a John Deere with diesel in a gas tank. In his defense though, the guys at the fuel point really didn’t speak much English.

Even in English we often have trouble communicating with one another. Listen to a man and a woman talk. They can be talking about the same thing, but have no clue what the other is saying. They have different words for things.

Ask any woman what color “Chartreuse” is. Ask her the difference between the colors “Ivory” and “Eggshell.” What does “Lavender” smell like?

Guys, the answers here are
a) It’s a sort of yellowish green. Even the dictionary isn’t exactly sure. Its French. Nuff said.
b) They are both pretty much white. Eggshell is dirtier, less pure. It’s what brides wear when they aren’t virgins at their wedding. Dirty, dirty brides.
c) You can get a 5 paragraph description or a “Sorta like flowers and pine trees.” I’m gonna go with the latter.

I only know because I googled them. That’s why straight men have no control over the interior decorating. It’s like asking the test monkeys what trajectory to use to get to the moon. No clue. Press button. Get banana. Nod and smile. Get sex.

This is where I should add that my boss one time had his office painted a bright pink. Former Marine that he is, he couldn’t admit that it was pink. He insisted we call it “salmon.”

I’m a fisherman. I know salmon. That was pink, sir.

Men, we’re not entirely helpless mind you. Ask a man the difference between a .30 Short a .308 and a .30-30 and he’ll probably know. Unless they’re a real hardy woman the wife might get “pointy thing that you shoot.”

We have different words to use because we are raised differently and have different priorities. We even talk at different speeds. If you don’t believe me go to Louisiana in August.

It’s so hot and humid there, even the mosquitos walk. I’m serious. I have pictures somewhere.

The people are even more sluggish. I get it. It’s hot. Take it easy. BUT…

That is the SLOWEST “fast food” you’ll ever get. It took us 45 minutes to get a slice of pizza… already made… sitting in the warmer. All she had to do was put it on a paper plate.

Most of that was waiting for the server to finish her first sentence. “Hey…y’all…. What….would… you… like… to… eat…”

By this point, my buddies’ heads were exploding. Have you ever seen a New Yorker wait patiently for anything? Thankfully we had already turned in our weapons first.

When we did finally get to order the guys tried to make up for lost time by ordering super fast. They sounded like auctioneers… on crack. New Yorkers talk fast anyway. Starving and pissed off, even I had trouble following them.

The poor server just shut down for a moment. I think she blew a fuse. It’s like when you plug a 110 volt hair dryer into a 220 volt outlet. It tries REALLY hard to keep up until there’s a “pop” and smoke comes out.

Her compatriot waddled up and scolded us for being so impatient and rude. Scolded us in slow motion mind you. “Hold..your…horses…now…” Agonizing.

So, I’m gonna try not to dumb things down on here. I respect you all too much for that. I do simplify things but that’s more for brevity and concise communication.

Also, bear with me because I’ve been told I have a very “stream of thought” way of writing. It’s rambling and disjointed. It actually reads just like the voice(s) in my head sound.

Except for Juan. He usually talks in Spanish and I have to translate.

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Why Even Bad Ideas Should Never Be Banned

Jul 16, 2014

According to philosopher John Stuart Mill ("On Liberty") there are four key reasons no opinions should be banned. Maybe we CAN still learn a thing or two from those "old dead white guys."

1. The "Bad Idea" could be true. While we doubt it, there is a chance however remote that the minority opinion could end up being right.
2. Even if it is in error, the unpopular opinion could have important elements of truth in it to learn.
3. Facts which are true only become more solid the more “proven” they are. Where is the risk if you know something to indeed be true?
4. The rejection of a few unpopular ideas inevitably leads to further intolerance of curiosity and questioning of popular opinion. This only hurts the quest for truth in the long run, limiting our abilities to reason rationally and consider alternatives.

That is why any speech, even "hate speech" should be allowed.

(The only exception I can see would be inciting a riot or something similar, although at that point it goes beyond just an idea and is a call to action. At that point you could argue that it is itself an action then and not simply a concept any longer.)

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We Have The Technology

Jul 16, 2014

I'd had variations on this discussion numerous times:

Hippie: “Hunting is inhumane! Killing deer is wrong!”
Me: Well wolves kill deer all the time. Until we killed them off. Now they mostly get hit by cars.
Hippie: “Well wolves are different! They EAT what they kill!”
Me: So do I. Venison is delicious.
Hippie: Well they don’t use GUNS to do it! Guns are cruel!”
Me: Really? So it’s not painful to be torn to shreds with claws and teeth and then devoured while still living? I would think that would be a lot more cruel than a simple gunshot that is fatal in moments.
Hippie: “You’re cheating by using a gun!”
Me: Alright, get me a pair of cool metal claws like Wolverine that pop out of my hands and then we’ll talk.”
Hippie: “That’s not funny!”
Me: Yes, yes it is. But seriously… Wolverine claws. We have the technology…”
Hippie: "Bambie Killer!"

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Dress for Success

Jul 16, 2014

There’s nothing wrong with khakis, a polo shirt and work boots. That’s “business wear” to me. I suspect that if I were ever elected to office I’d just keep wearing what I do to work now.

I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a dress code for the Senate or anything. I don’t see why there should have to be. You’re there to represent the people, and they don’t ALL wear suits!

So, I’d keep my work boots and ditch the tie. Hey, if it’s good enough for dealing with the “common folk” now, why not then? They’re the ones that ELECT you, Mr. and Mrs. Senator. Besides, one Congresswoman wore pink tennis shoes to advocate for “women.” Others wore hoodies to advocate for “Trayvon Martin and black kids.” I’d wear work boots to advocate for those who work. Sounds fair to me.

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Get Off Your High Hobby Horse

Jul 16, 2014

I feel I need to address this "Hobby Lobby" case to clear the air a bit. I've heard far too much disinformation and outright lies masquerading as fact in the last couple weeks. It is immoral and detrimental to us all for such falsehoods to continue.

The claim being made is that the Supreme Court has "Started a war on women by taking away their birth control!" That's a pretty big claim. Normally there's still a shred of truth in every big lie. Not so much here. It's pretty much a lie from beginning to end.

Let me explain.

Hobby Lobby offers 16 kinds of birth control to its employees. The Dept of Health and Human Services on its own decided that an arbitrary list of 20 birth control options needed to be covered by all employers. So, they waved their magic wand and POOF!

The problem is that it wasn't really LAW per se. The Affordable Care Act (ie "Obamacare") didn't really SAY that was the case. It was just a personal decision on the part of HHS bureaucrats.

The four plans that HHS added were "abortives", or drugs that "eliminate" fertilized eggs post-conception. By definition (and this was even in the US Gov't's own files) they were literally "abortion drugs." Anything that deals with AFTER the sperm and egg get busy fall in that category.

HHS said Hobby Lobby HAD to cover those abortive drugs or be fined hundreds of millions of dollars. Hobby Lobby claimed it was against their religion to support abortion and there were 16 forms of birth control they paid for that weren't abortion-causing.

HHS sued. Hobby Lobby won, citing a law signed by Bill Clinton, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. All it basically said was that the government should find the "least intrusive" way of helping the public while preserving freedom of religion.

The Supreme Court judges ruled 5-4 that the government was being too heavy handed and that 16 forms of birth control was good enough.

That's it.
That's all that happened.
You'd have thought that all women were being raped and shackled barefoot in the basement to hear many of the pundits talk!

Let's be clear now. There is NO change in ANY woman buying whatever birth control she wants. No change at all.

There isn't even a change at Hobby Lobby. Basically NOTHING changed. Nada.

The only thing that happened was that the HHS had their hand slapped for being bullies and DEMANDING that Hobby Lobby PAY FOR abortion drugs.

That is the key. It's not about freedom or ACCESS to anything. It is about making SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR IT. It's about being ENTITLED to what SOMEONE ELSE HAS.

That is what the supposedly "feminist" pundits are trying to push for. It's not about birth control. Not really. It's about getting everything they want, when they want it, at someone else's expense.

Income redistribution. Socialism, Communism, whatever sort of Statism you want to call it. The point is that the State (government) doesn't want anyone telling it what it CAN'T do.

That is where most Americans differ from the Progressives in this country. Our country was founded on the principle of "Negative Rights", which means things that can't be done TO you. You can't be thrown in jail for free speech, or because of your religion, or have your property taken away. "Negative Rights" are only "negative" if you look at them from the perspective of the government.

Progressives (or "Big Government" people) believe in "Positive Rights." Basically, they don't care about personal freedom as long as they GET STUFF. Free health care, food stamps, free college, free rent, etc. Those are "Positive Rights."


It's very simple. Decide what side you're on because hard times are coming. The country is splitting apart.

One side supports individual freedom and self reliance with very small, limited government.
The other side is willing to give up their personal rights in exchange for free stuff from the big government.
In the middle are the undecided and clueless who are going to be steamrolled along the way.

Make a choice.


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"Jesus, the Constitution and Common Sense"

Jul 16, 2014

One of the reasons I finally decided to start this blog was a quote during the Mississippi Republican Primary election. The incumbent's daughter, Kate Cochran went on a tirade against the "Tea Party" candidate Chris McDaniels. On Facebook she ranted "...he (McDaniels) relies solely on Jesus, the Constitution and Common Sense!"

This honestly made me scratch my head. Why were those BAD things? Even leaving the religious debate out of it, a Senator is required to take an oath to the US Constitution. And when did Common Sense become a bad idea? (It's not all that common in any case.)

The implication seemed to be that anyone who supports any of the above should be somehow ASHAMED of who they are. That's ridiculous. Those things defined Chris McDaniels and MANY great Americans.

Gays aren't ashamed of who they are. It's "cool" to be "urban" and express your "culture." Why can't Conservatives and Patriots express themselves?

The other day a friend apologized in the middle of a debate for standing up for what be believes. In this case it wasn't just what he believed. It was the TRUTH.

The other party did not have her facts correct. Even if she had, there's no apologizing for your beliefs. You are entitled to them just as much as the next person.

You can be polite. You can be civil. Apologizing for who you are is another thing entirely.

I guess ethics aren't a strong point of the Cochran family anyway. Her father Thad "won" a squeaker of a campaign on the barest of margins. That is, if the courts don't take up the case of some serious voter discrepancies and criminal accusations of voter fraud.

Turns out it IS illegal to bribe voters and rig the election tallies.

Who knew?

He had to do SOMETHING. That upstart kid with his Jesus, his Constitution and his Common Sense was ahead in the polls and wouldn't quite after being outspent 6:1. Morality takes a back seat to pride these days.

I'm interested to see how this case goes. McDaniels is said to be filing a lawsuit with proof and witnesses to back it up.

Update: McDaniels Camp finds 8,300 voting irregularities

(Mind you they couldn't get to half the polling places and many election officials mysteriously disobeyed election rules and destroyed evidence or simply "didn't have the information" they were looking for. Could be more, but that's what they have been able to find so far. Cochran "won" by 7,667 votes.)

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Broken or Abandoned?

Jul 16, 2014

The whole premise of a "broken" system is flawed. You can’t really say our immigration system is “broke” if you don’t enforce the laws on the books. Why pass more laws that won’t be enforced?

That's like running a red light, getting in an accident and then blaming the traffic light for not working. You never gave it a chance. Then it's someone or something else's fault you got hurt?

It's not about race. It's not about politics. ALL immigrants should follow the same rules.

I’m all FOR immigration. LEGAL immigration. Go through Ellis Island like the people before you. There are two big issues being missed that have nothing to do with ethnicity or even economics.

The BIG reason we had Ellis Island and indeed any immigration procedure in the first place is not for ethnic or even economic reasons. It was for HEALTH reasons. Ellis Island was a quarantine area where you were given a physical and kept separate so as not to bring dangerous diseases into the country.

Tuberculosis for example is rampant in the refugee camps of kids swarming in from Central America. That’s because it’s rampant in their home countries. Unfortunately, by shipping those kids IMMEDIATELY across the United States and NOT quarantining them, we are spreading TB (and other fun diseases) across the country. There have already been a couple reported outbreaks that can be tracked directly back to those kids.

The second reason was it gave people a chance to meet up with their sponsors. Yes, you had to have a SPONSOR in America already before you came here. It could be family. It could be a friend. It could be an employer who hired you.

The idea is that SOMEONE was responsible for you. You did not get welfare. Someone had to sign to take custody of you and promise that they would feed, house and clothe you until you became a citizen. They made sure you got a job. You would not be allowed to be a “burden on the state.”

That's how the system was supposed to work anyway. We've made it easier to get in, although the paperwork is a lot longer. (Isn't it always?)

Unfortunately people just sneak in and avoid all the paperwork. if you want to hear some REAL "anti-illegal" tirades, just ask some LEGAL immigrants about the issue. They followed all the rules and are seriously offended by the criminals who sneak in the back door.

To make sure everyone goes through the system, we need to first secure the border. I’ve worked security in a combat zone. It’s ridiculously EASY to secure a border if you want to. This “it can’t be done” is a smoke screen. NOTHING can be done if you don’t WANT to.

They’re requesting $3.7 billion (probably more tan $4 billion by the time they vote on it) for “the border.” However, there’s no part of it earmarked for the actual border. Odd….

That’s bullshit. Give me HALF of that. The rest can go to setting up a nice refugee camp for all those kids with plenty of food and doctors until they can be checked out and given US citizen mentors.

(Interesting side note when I was in Quatemala they made us sign forms that said we would not kidnap Guatemalan kids because they were being abducted to sell for adoptions on the black market at a crazy rate. Now we’re to believe that parents are GIVING their kids up voluntarily to go thousands of miles UNESCORTED through the roughest parts of gang-controlled Mexico because they LOVE them?)

Anyway, the HALF that’s left over (about $2 billion) would be enough to build a wall the whole 3,000 miles with Mexico and prep it to be manned. There are already enough Border Control to man it if they were TOLD to (and not spread across the country on errands.) Or, just use the National Guard. They have everything they need. We KNOW how to do it. It’d be really cheap.

So, that’s my plan for immigration.
1) Secure the border.
2) Send everyone through Ellis Island and quarantine
3) Every immigrant must be sponsored by a US citizen

Seems pretty simple to me.
That's why it won't happen anytime soon. 1 comment

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Who am I?

Jul 16, 2014

It's taken me quite a while to figure that out. Maybe at some point I'll have a witty answer for you. Probably not.

Wherever I go outside of my home town, I seem to have acquired the nickname "Jimbo." It is much cooler than "James" but I admit it's puzzled me a bit. I get "Jimmy" or "J.R." or other variations. They're common nicknames.

"Jimbo" however always seemed to have more meaning to it. It was always people living in "the city" who used it. Often it morphed into "Jim Bob."

I wasn't offended by this odd bit of name changing. In fact, I knew a few "Jim Bobs" growing up. I just found it weird because that wasn't my name.

Eventually you figure out you're "that guy." You're known for something. Either you're the guy with all the tattoos or you're the girl who likes black guys.

I was the country boy living in the city with a pickup truck. Again, not a bad thing. In fact it was kind of fun.

Back home I'd always been the "smart kid" who read books. I fished, I hunted and I played football in the yard. However, it was never really "country" enough for some people.

When I moved to a city, it was the opposite. I found out that people were struck speechless if you told them your Dad owned a Tackle Shop. It was like Clark Kent suddenly blurting out "I'm from a Planet called Krypton. Maybe you've heard of it?" No clue how to react.

The guys driving Porsches to class would get mad because girls stopped to stare at my rusty old pick up truck. I was still too shy to get laid much, but it was a different experience from back home. After all, there were plenty of guys with sports cars but only one guy in a beat up Chevy!

I also found out that calling a place "the city" is a really fun way to start a fight with "city folk." You see they ALL think that THEIR particular neighborhood is "The City." Apparently "Bronx" and "Brooklyn" are not synonymous after all.

Who knew?

It was a lot like when I was living in England for a summer. Those who say only Americans are ignorant haven't really traveled much. Ignorance is global. I was "The American" or "That Yank." It was just a way to stereotype people.

Oddly enough, the landlord often grouped me with a French Canadian woman who lived next door. She wasn't too happy about also being called an "American." You would think if anything he'd have called her French by the accent, but either way there are few things more amusing that insulting drunk French-Canadians. They can become quite passionate.

I can only imagine what would have happened if they'd sent a Texan on that exchange program.

(On a side note, I've often wondered if Brits really call us "Yanks" because it's short for "Yankees" or they just want to use a word that means the same thing as 'Jerk.' Don't let them fool you. They're still a bit sore about that whole "Revolution" thing back in 1776.)

Anyway, my point is that you get perspective from being the "outsider" in most situations. You become that bridge between different cultures. You facilitate that dialogue between groups of people that would not otherwise think they have much in common.

Now that I've been to Europe, the Middle East and South America I can honestly say that people aren't that different deep down. We have a lot in common. We all want to go to work, raise a family, make a difference in the world, and be happy.

I began writing back home on my first deployment to Iraq. I was encouraged to give local folks a personal perspective on what was "really happening there" and what I saw. It was an eye opener for me as a young enlisted soldier. From the responses I got, it resonated with a public eager to know more back home.

When I got back, I was asked again by the Editor of the local "Sun & Record" Newspaper to write a weekly column. People liked to hear a unique perspective on things they had only seen on TV.

I was hooked. I loved taking complicated issues, doing some research on them, and breaking them down for the "Average Joe" (or Jane) to understand. As they say "Teachers learn as much if not more than pupils do" and it's been true for me in the 10 years I've been doing it. There's nothing better than getting responses from readers...even if a few of them are quite insulting and threatening...

I call this place the "Readneck Review" because that's what it is. It's a place for those willing to step outside their comfort zones to hear a unique perspective on mostly news and current events. Sometimes new movies. Sometimes weird crap I've seen out there.

it's a chance for me to try to inform people on what's going on in the world in a format they can access and without much of the spin and sensationalism that the bigger media outlets try to push for whatever reason.

It's a chance to teach.
It's a chance to learn.
It's a chance to have fun.

And ramble on like a drunk, insulted French-Canadian.

If you like it, COMMENT.
If you don't, COMMENT.

If you don't give a crap, then go do something else.
It's a free country.
Do what you want.
Be a Rebel.

Like this guy:

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Are you a Readneck?

Jul 16, 2014


In between "Hick" and "City Slicker" there is a middle ground of people who don't really have a fun stereotype to be part of.

They're too well read to really fit into rural life.

They have too much common sense to fit into city life.

We're an in between breed that straddles both worlds, taking bits of each along the way.

-Have you ever drank expensive red wine out of a cheap Solo cup?

-Can you quote Shakespeare and John Wayne equally?

-Are two big expenses in your life "Books" and "Bait?"

-Are you always moving a friend every weekend in the "Big City" because you're "the guy with the truck?"

-Are you the one at the Diner always asked about "that thing on the news" because you're the one who "follows that stuff?"

-Does the premise of Duck Dynasty (a college educated family voluntarily living in the "sticks") make perfect sense to you?

-Do dogs smaller than a cat serve any useful purpose beyond gator bait?

If you're still reading this you're probably screwed.

You are most likely a "Readneck."

You're one of us.

You'll never be "cool" but you will be "family" if you hang around long enough.

Y'all come on in and take a load off.



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